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The ecological pumping set UECA-10-H is designed to be used for pumping of chemically aggressive and flammable substances of the 1st - 4th hazard classes acc. to ČSN 65 021 with the sensitivity class 2 acc. to ČSN 33 2030 in the protective atmosphere OP and in the environment with explosion hazard stage SNV1-SNV3 acc. to ČSN 33 2320 (corresponding to DIN 14 424). (Type certification S 04338 from the State Testing Laboratory No 210 FTZU Ostrava-Radvanice).


The pum-set UECA-10-H forms the only one unit consisting of the pump and the turbine parts being coupled by an bracetmounted bearing housing. The turbine driving part of this pum-set - an hydraulic motor - is driven by pressure water pumped from tank motor fire engines or from another sources.

Together with the pump-set it is possible to deliver special auxiliary equipment for priming and/or evacuation of suction line available in three modifications:

UECA-ZZ      – priming equipment

EUCA-EP      – evacuation hand pump

UECA-EV     – evacuation vacuum pump and a suction device for pumping out of cistern trucks

UECA-SJ      – suction adapter

Capacity [l . s-1] Delivery head [m] Geodetical suction head [m] Temperature of the liquid pumped [°C] Dimension of liquid pumped [kg . m-3] Dimension of the set with supporting frame [mm] Mass of the set [kg]
4 - 19 42 - 10 3 -5 až +60 600 - 1600 1000 x 430 x 610 58

Connecting branches

of the turbine of the pump
inlet G2 1/2" or coupling B G2 1/2" or coupling B
outlet G2 1/2" or coupling B G2 1/2" or coupling C
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