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About Company:

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Subject of Business:
  • Research works, development, design, production, repairs and marketing in the branch of pumping engineering, parts and accessories of these machines
  • Research works, development, design, production, repairs and marketing in the sphere of small hydraulic turbines and small hydroelectric power plants, parts and accessories of these machines
  • Research works, development, design, production, repairs and marketing in the sphere of water-ring machines, parts and accessories of these machines
  • Experimental work in the field of hydraulics, strength, and dynamics, inclusive of applying for ecology, occupational hygiene and operational diagnostics
  • Consultancy in the branch of pumping engineering, small hydraulic turbines, small hydroelectric power plants and water-ring machines, inclusive of expert’s reports drawing-up
  • Providing scientific and technical information, standardization activities in the branch of pumping engineering
  • Reprographic services
  • Fitter’s works
  • Metal-working
  • Tool engineering
  • Automatized data processing
  • Software providing
  • Machinery testing Software providing (inclusive of trades for which a prescribed qualification is necessary)
  • Purchase of goods in order to their further purchase and sales
  • Mediating services in mechanical engineering, trading activities
Hydraulic research and development
  • Hydraulic design of through-flow parts of rotodynamic pumps
  • Hydraulic designs of submersible axial mixers for sewage treatment plants
  • Computation of rotodynamic forces applied on pump rotors and stators
  • CFD analysis of hydraulic machinery based on CFX-TSC flow software system
  • Innovation of hydraulic design of older models of rotodynamic pumps
  • Project of hydraulic machines, using less conventional working principles

Experimental research - measurement in test laboratories and on testing stands:
  • Measurements of hydraulic parameters of model pumps and prototypes – performance and cavitation tests
  • Test of verification of submersible axial mixers and sludge return pumps
Product testing:
  • Accredited testing laboratory to the extent of the “GOST R” accreditation and cend system for power nuclear stations
  • Execution of testing minutes of authentication
  • Cooperation with the “GOSSTANDARD, GOSGORTECHNADZOR, GOSATOMNADZOR” certificate bodies
  • Cooperation with technical, standardization and marketing committees of the “EUROPUMP”
Production and supplies
  • Axial submersible mixers of the APM series
  • Universal ecological pump-sets of the UECA series
  • Mobile pumping stations MČS
  • Submersible aerators – mixers of the AM series
  • Sludge return pumps of the PKC series
  • Floating portable pumping stations of the PPCA series
  • Hydraulic turbines for small hydroelectric power plants
  • Sewage treatment plants in cooperation with the ECOFLUID GROUP, s.r.o.
  • Special works and cooperation of advance designing office and workshop


    Activity of the AZL SIGMA has taken up with years 1997 – 1999, when this body was established for the first time within the frame of the “SIGMA GROUP a.s.” At present, this activity has been renewed, however, in another juridical background in the Russian Federation (RF).

    Activity of the Accredited Testing Laboratory (ATL) consists of execution of certification tests of pumps, pump sets, valves and fittings and pumping stations on conformity with safety requirements of regulations and standards of the Russian Federation in two sections. On the one hand, in the GOST R certification system for current industrial and consumer’s market segment, and on the other hand, in the system of deliveries for nuclear and power supply machinery (System of Nuclear Safety - SNS).

     All activities of the ATL within the frame of the “SIGMA GROUP a.s.” have been provided by the “SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav, s.r.o. (SVVÚ)”. As a result of the ATL activities there are “testing records”, on the basis of which the Certificate of compliance” is made out by the respective Russian Authority, which is the necessary and basic document for import of products to the RF.

    In case of current assortment of pumping technologies (the GOST R system) there is the Certification Body “NASTSCHOL”, the owner of the direct licence of the “GOSGORTECHNADZOR”. Relate to the System of Nuclear Safety (the SNS system), there is the “ATOMSERTIFIKA” Authority.

    The “ATL SIGMA” working is possible on the basis of two certificates (for the GOST R and the SNS systems) having been issued by the competent authorities of the RF. These certificates drawing and making-out had required demanding preliminary works that were finished by the inspection audit. These granted certificates have qualified the ATL SIGMA for their activities for another three years, that is, till the year 2005.

    Since the complement of the accreditation system, the works in the ATL have started running hopefully, and besides the activities in the sphere of product’s certification they have included the consultancy and advisory spheres. An example of this is the ATL participation in arrangement of certification of deliveries of the “ALSTOM Power Company” for a steam-gas power station in Moscow.