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Pump-set intended for pumping liquids and/or liquid and gas mixtures (emulsions), and even for mutual mixing of liquids and gases or two different liquids with sucking-in and dosing on the pump feed piping. With a mixture pumping there a thorough emulsion may be produced. Realiable operation is conditional on the pump-set building in a system containing interconnection of the pump discharge and suction branches (by-pass) with a control component (a valve). The pass-by branch with capacity QB serves for the pump nominal operating mode Qc setting-up. With setting-up by-pass ratio QB / QC there is possible to modify parameters of mixture. Gas and/or liquid dosing shall be provided with the aid of a control element being placed in the pump suction branch, while it allows to utilizate underpressure on the pump suction side.

Pump-set consists of two-stage torque-flow / peripheral pump and the driving motor 4AP 90L-2 of standard type. Torque transfer is realized through a coupling with a flexible element serving for suppression of dynamic phenomenon. Pump is provided with a mechanical seal having been intengrated into a bearing housing.

Pump-set parameters:

Nom. inside diameter of suction branch G1"
Nom. inside diameter of discharge branch G1"
Rated overpressure p2-p1=0.4MPa
Critical underpressure on suction side p1krit= -0.04MPa
Mixture capacity 20 l/min
Recommended by-pass ratio QB/QC=0.7
Critical mixing ratio (Qv/Q)krit=0.15
Pump weight 10.5 kg
Pump speed 2,865 rpm


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