Pumping set is designed to be used for emergency handling hydrocarbon substances, even in explosion hazard environments, aggressive chemical substances, as acids, lays, etc. in small concentrations. The pumped liquid may contain solids up to 2% of the pumped volume, size of grains up to 5 millimetres.



Ecological pumping set UECA-5-E is certified for emergency pumping chemically aggressive substances of Class I to IV according to Czech Standard SN 65 0201, sensitivity Class 2 acc. to SN 33 2030 in protecting environment OP and environment with danger of explosion SNV1 to SNV2 acc. to SN 33 2320, analogous to German Standard DIN 14424.   


Pumping set UECA-5-E consist of a close coupled pump and explosion-proof three-phase electric motor AKM-90-L04 of power output 1.5 kW. The pump is equipped with a mechanical seal, assuring safe, long life operation without permanent supervision of operator.


As optional accessories hoses, quick couplings, priming equipment and other accessories, in material versions adapted to handled liquid, can be supplied. All the components can be supplied for the environments with danger of explosion, too.  

Terminals design:

- Aluminium

- Stainless

Technical Data:

Rate of flow [l/s] Total head [m] Geodetic suction head [m] Pumped water temperature [C] Density [kg/ m3] Overall dimensions with stretcher [mm] Total weight [kg] Nozzles
inlet outlet
5 8 3 -15 a +60 600 - 1900 560 x 350 x 480 45 G2 1/2" or quick coupling B G2 1/2" or quick coupling C

Q-H charakteristic


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