Ssp1.jpg (12362 bytes)Two-stage whirling pump for pumping liquid and liquid - gas mixture with high working pressure. During pumping mixture happen to formation perfect emulsion. This quality it is possible take advantage of for mutual mixing liquid and gas, or two different liquid leech onto, if need be dosage on feeding pump pipeline.




Application:     Type AS

Pumping liquid:
Water, aqueous fusion, lye, acid, saline, alcohol, solvent, paints, varnishes, oil, fuel, emulsion without content abrasive elements, mixture liquid - gas.

Rotary horizontal pump, self-priming, with two levels in one impeller - compact construction with mechanical seal. Interface of pipeline is alternatively by means of flange or thread.

Double design:

monoblock (connection with electric motor by means of flange, impeller on extension shaft electric motor)

ssp2.jpg (26037 bytes)

solo (connection electric motor - pump by means of priming portfolio, impeller on independent shaft with bearing)

ssp3.jpg (24602 bytes)

Material design:
According to the sort of pumping liquid with pump purveyance in design:

  • impeller: brass, stainless steel;

  • case, partition: grey cast iron, Ni - Resist, stainless steel

Informative diagram of pumps SSP:

grafSSP1.gif (16331 bytes)

grafSSP2.gif (16388 bytes)


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