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Aeration and mixing:

    stuffs in sewage treatment plants

water in fish-breeding facilities

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Aerator-mixer SIGMA is destined for effective aeration with simultaneous mixing of water, namely :

-         in aeration tanks of sewage treatment plants

-         in fish-breeding facilities ponds, lakes, dams, basins, fish-ponds, and so on.


It is a mechanical aeration system offering both effective aeration and effective mixing. Aeration with simultaneous mixing process increase air transfer into water, disallows anaerobic processes and sedimentation of sewage at a tank bottom.


Design :

This aggregate monoblock consists of a submersible electric motor and hydraulic part, being separated from a motor unit by an oil pool and according to the aerator model, either by a mechanical seal with a shaft lip seal, or a pair of mechanical seals. Hydraulic part sucks air and even water by means of suction pipeline to reach scattering of fine-bubble dispersion of water-air in atmosphere tanks, ponds, lakes, dams, pools ... with the aid of an impeller and a diffuser rim.


Installation :

Very fast and simple. According to the model and weight it is possible to lower the corresponding aerator-mixer and attach it to the bottom of an aeration tank with the aid of :

-         human operator by means of a lowering rope or a chain

-         lowering device (with a possibility to choose depth of submersion of the aerator-mixer)

-         manipulating mechanism (a crane)


Main technical parameters :

Model of aerator-mixer

AM 00

AM 01

AM 02

Aerator input power

1,1 kW

3 kW

7,5 kW

Aerator speed

2,800 r.p.m.

1,450 r.p.m.

1,450 r.p.m.

Operation voltage, frequency

3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

Rated current

2,9 A

6,5 A

15,1 A

Max. depth of submersion

within self-priming operation

3 m

5 m

6 m

Material version

- jacket of a driving unit

- hydraulic part  


grey cast iron + protective coating

stainless steel

Packing system

Hydraulic part + electric motor

1x mechanical seal +1x shaft lip seal

2x mechanical seal

Basic dimensions





450 mm

760 mm

925 mm


130 mm

190 mm

200 mm


150 mm

300 mm

405 mm


360 mm

500 mm

700 mm


210 mm

390 mm

505 mm



160 mm

195 mm


32 mm

50 mm

80 mm

Weight without suction pipeline

35 kg

75 kg

125 kg

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